Short Term Care Services 
Camelot Brookside Nursing Home

Camelot of Brookside feels like home, even if you intend to visit us short term. Whether it’s following an injury, stroke or surgery, Brookside can offer short-term rehabilitation and a place to live and grow healthier with the goal of returning home.

Therapists at Brookside can provide any therapies ordered by a physician. With our aim to get you as healthy as possible as quickly as we can with a team of therapists and therapy rooms, a short term stay Brookside may be short, indeed.

Private bedrooms, a qualified staff of medical professionals and 24-hour care will get you back on your feet. Our therapy programs include an ADL room for those working toward getting back to every day life. The Activities of Daily Living room is a large therapy room that allows patients in rehabilitation to practice everyday tasks.

A nurse practitioner on hand throughout the week connects patients to physicians and offers continued care in order to get you back home.

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  • "I have been a resident here for many years. Moving to this new facility is my first ‘brand new house’, and I love it. Everyone is so nice and caring here." - Resident Council President Ms. Alice Jones
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