Camelot Brookside Nursing Home

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Extending its reputation as a thought leader in patient and family care – Camelot Brookside is partnering with CareFlash to strengthen peace of mind and improve quality of life in both patients and families using Whole Healing.

As people age and see their independence slipping away, or they experience an involved illness or the death of a spouse – healing is ongoing in different ways – physically, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually and socially – everyone in their own way and at their own speed.

Very commonly however, emotional barriers complicate the ability of loved ones to heal together, explaining why people so commonly limit interactions to status updates, well wishes and always asking how they can help.

A CareCommunity is a private, invitation-only online resource that helps people come together in whole healing - by encouraging friends and family to become comfortably and meaningfully engaged around family caretakers, each other and of course their loved one who is at the heart of what’s transpiring. CareCommunities empower participants to engage in unobtrusive, non-threatening ways – enabling members to support one another – interacting and strengthening as a community, fostering emotional connections that enhance wellness by nurturing meaningful engagement and promoting better outcomes by enabling friends and loved ones to:

  • Come together using a participatory approach that nurtures whole healing - encouraging deep, timely and valued engagement
  • Help emotional barriers recede and concerns about intrusiveness diminish - regardless of where loved ones are located
  • Eliminate awkwardness - empowering loved ones to go beyond status updates, well-wishes and continually asking how they can help
  • In the event of a loss - for those weeks and months that follow - nurture healing by helping everyone to move far beyond condolences
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Through a partnership with CareFlash, Camelot Brookside provides free, easy-to-create CareCommunities that take just minutes to set up and require no technical skills. Key features include:

  • A private, invitation-only online place to heal together
  • Blog for sharing updates, well wishes, care and love
  • iHelp Calendar for requesting and organizing logistical and social engagement … without putting anyone on the spot
  • A photo gallery to share photos and relive great memories

View the brief CareFlash video below and click the convenient link and start your own free CareCommunity today… with the best wishes of Camelot Brookside.

Family Access

Centralized, private secure web community for patients and their loved ones.

  • "My mom received the therapy she needed here at Brookside in a beautiful setting from loving people. She was able to return home. We never knew a nursing home could be this wonderful." - Anonymous
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  • Family Access

    Centralized, private secure web community for patients and their loved ones.